The Way I See It #2 Fall

Happy Friday and welcome to the second instalment of my series, “The Way I See It.”

Fall. Isn’t it everyone’s favourite season? The colours, the weather, the clothes, the hot drinks, pumpkins, Thanksgiving and the need to always be cozy. I adore Fall.

In this (seasonal) season, I draw closer to Jesus. I gather a complete and whole new appreciation for everything. For the people in my life, for what I have accomplished, for the failures I’ve endured, for the things I own, for my surroundings. Everything. There is something spectacular about breathing that fresh, crisp Fall air with a mix of the vivid beautiful colourful fall leaves and sunshine. It’s refreshing and I feel invigorated. It makes me feel new. This is why I adore Fall. This season changes me.

Are you looking at what’s around you? Your surroundings? The people in your life? Your accomplishments? Are we so focused on what’s to come that we forget to appreciate where we currently are?

When I moved out of my parents house it was Fall. I would go for daily walks around my new neighbourhood to get a better sense of my surroundings. I felt different. I felt grown up. I felt like I had made a huge decision on my own. I felt like it was the start of my life – not that I hadn’t been independant before this, somewhat with finances, purchasing a car on my own, travelling, multiple jobs, college… but leaving the nest is a big deal. I’m thankful to be the eldest of four children. The role/ title shaped who I am today. I’ve been told I have very motherly qualities (which I love!). I’ve also watched children all my life, which compliments why I am as my friends call me “motherly.” I’m thankful for my parents who taught me to host, to give graciously and most importantly how to serve. All of these aspects of my life I would recognize, yet again each Fall.

I’m constantly in a super emotional state. Ask my husband – a touching 2 minute viral video on Facebook, the ending of a movie, a children’s story book. I’m a big wuss. I’m extremely sympathetic and while I think it can be a bad thing (like, I cry at everything) I am happy that I feel such powerful and strong emotions. It’s knowing what and how to deal with them is the key thing – haha. See, when I am touched by the dog that is reunited with their owner in that viral video, I realize that that relationship is powerful, and then am even more grateful for what I have in my life.

I vividly remember the smells, the feeling of going for long walks during my class breaks when I was in college. I took this time to listen to worship music, time to thoroughly enjoy the walk, to rejoice in the Lord. I would think about where I had been, where I was potentially going, and oh yes, this guy, Mark. We had just met at the end of August in 2010 and it had seemed like we were in a whirlwind of emotion. Think teenage love. Crazy, silly, ridiculously embarrassing and raw. Regardless, we were entering into a meaningful relationship and it was extremely special. See #1 from September 2015 7 on 26 for some favourite Fall highlights. Fast forward to November 9, 2013 in front of beautiful Lost Lake, Whistler at the end of the Fall season Mark got down on one knee and asked “Will you marry me?” Just another reason why I adore Fall.

I believe and know that there is beauty in everything. Everything I have experienced in my life that has shaped who I am today. There was beauty in leaving the nest, Mark and I’s beginning friendship and in our long distance relationship. There was beauty in our engagement and even during the messiness of wedding planning. There was even beauty in the bullying I suffered when I was younger. It’s the beauty that has come out of those messes, is where I have become who I am today and now, I have found the beauty in everything.

So that my friends, is why I love Fall. Fall shows me what I have, where I’m going and who I am. I’m thankful that every year, Fall happens and I get a chance to fall back (couldn’t help it) in love with life… with everything deeper each year.



Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you will look back and realize they were big things.

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