Cozy Fall Chili

Happy Fall!

Yesterday was the first official day of Fall and I celebrated by spending a beautiful day in Whistler with my best friend. The air was crisp (though, when is it not in Whistler), the sun was shining bright, trees had begun to transition into fall colours and it was hot. Yep, it was the first day of Fall and it was 20 C. Hah. It was so hot, I couldn’t enjoy a hot PSL so I’m saving that for a real Fall day in Vancouver. It was full of good talks, great food, biking and singing our current favourite songs. We did what we want, when we wanted. The day was easy, fun and perfect. I can’t wait to have more days like that! I am so looking forward to doing everything on my Fall bucket list this year!

This week I made chili which means it’s the season of indulging in amazing comfort food. I love comfort food. I love carbs and I love food that just warms my stomach. Anyone else? Without further-ado, here’s my chili recipe!

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10 Ways to Decorate Your Home This Fall

Feels like Fall this Friday in Vancouver!

Gloomy overcast began this afternoon followed by raindrops (falling on my head) this evening. Today was the first day since last Friday’s post (which was all about Fall, that actually felt like Fall – ironic, right? I got all excited for Fall and Vancouver went, psych! As my husband said, “the weather calling for a rainy weekend.” Also, six more sleeps until my first PSL of the season. Stoked.

I posted my Fall Bucket List last Friday and have been planning all week the when and where of it all. Drive ins, pumpkin patches and ideas on how to transform our home into, well, autumn. We have been spending a lot of time inside, cuddling under a cozy blanket, drinking tea/ hot chocolate/ Nespresso and using a lot of ideas from this list I made last fall. It’s been a good Fall start. I was out and about this week getting inspired by my surroundings on ways to decorate our home for Fall. I have a more clear idea of the direction or style I want to go for this Fall but I wanted to gather together the 10 prettiest Fall decor to help inspire you Autumn-ize (not a word) your home. I’ve been pinning a lot lately and have found some great, cute ideas. (Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!) Hope you enjoy – hope you get inspired to be a bit crafty!

10 Ways to Decorate Your Home This Fall

Fall Wreath. I’ve mentioned before that I love the letter of my last name. I mean, Mrs.G? Come on. So you can only imagine I love the letter G and posting it everywhere. Send help.

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Fall Bucket List

Hello beautiful people!

It was back to school for much of the world this week – but not for me! Praise the Lord I am done with school… forever! I feel like Vancouver is slowly transitioning from Summer into Fall beautifully, as it always has. I love Fall. I adore Fall. I love the crisp weather, the need to be cozy and the feeling of fresh, new adventures. Fall has always been a time of special moments. I moved out of my parents house and lived on my own for the first time, I fell in love with Mark in the Fall, got engaged (late Fall) and began new ventures in the fall (school programs and I just got a promotion at work!). I always have high hopes for Fall and it never never seems to disappoint. It’s going to be a good Fall and it’s going to be the best one yet now that we have our Hobbes. This year is just flying by… did you know there is only 15 Fridays until Christmas? Say what!

Today I’m sharing my top 10 things I want to do this season. I feel like Vancouver is slowly transitioning from Summer into Fall beautifully, as it always has. I wore my first pair of booties for the first this week and it got me so excited for Fall. We also busted out our thick comforter. We love going to bed with the windows wide open, filling the room with cold brisk air and cuddling under the shetets. (Try it.) Another aspect of Fall I adore is the fashion – the scarves, boots, sweaters, hats, all of it. I just love dressing and being in the outdoors during this season. A Fall tradition I have been doing for a few years is saving my first PSL for the official first day of Fall. Actually, I do this with all of my seasonal drinks, primarily my caramel brûlée. LORD… (more…)

7 on 26

Apologies for the week delay – we had some issues behind the scenes, but now they are resolved. I had this post ready last Friday when we were in Niagara. Enjoy!


So long sweet Summer.

What a great month it’s been! Last month I turned 26 and ATB turned one! It’s been a month of reflecting and counting my blessings. This month I was showered in love by people in my life and I’m so happy. Here are my top 7 from this month.
one | Friends. I can confidently say that I am so blessed. I have the best friends. We’ve hosted many get togethers both big and small and I’ve loved every one. Note: I’ve also loved all the patio happy hours/ meals and coffee walk dates. I’m grateful for each and every one of my friends… And if you’re one of them reading this post, know that I love you and I’m grateful for your blessing in my life.  (more…)

Summer Sangria

If you haven’t noticed already, I like things a little sweet. Give me candy (I should specify, good candy) and I’ll love you forever.

In the past several weeks, I’ve been enjoying the company of wonderful friends in my cozy home. Sometimes we take to my couch, the kitchen stools or the patio. I just love the sound of a full room full of people I adore. I am one blessed woman. A few most of these hang outs have included a pitcher or two of sangria. I love making sangria. It’s fruity, sweet and well – it’s wine. Whenever I drink sangria I’m reminded of summer which makes me happy. Plus this recipe takes almost no effort. Enjoy!

Strawberry Watermelon Sangria (more…)

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