DIY: Drawer Organizer

Once we moved into our home and started to “nest,” I was probably – no, definitely – way too excited to start organizing our things. I made a trip to the closest Home Sense with a plan to purchase two drawer organizers for our kitchen utensil drawers. I stood in front of the selection of organizers and was met with disappointment in the prices and the actual organizers. The compartments made me question, “ok, what do I own that could actually fit in this square?”

I bought one divider (to see if it would pass my test), brought the divider home, threw everything onto the counter that was in the drawer, placed the new divider in and – voil- NOPE. It didn’t gosh darn fill up my drawer! There was empty space at the top, the sides weren’t completely utilized and it was so bulky! So I walked back to Home Sense, returned my overpriced drawer organizer and came home empty handed. Thanks to the world wide web, I found a solution for my OCD/attention to detail personality.

My husband and I made a trip on a rainy day in the Fall to Home Depot, bought the materials needed and had beautiful, customized drawer organizers the next day. Cheap, easy and oh so organized. I love them!

I hope you try this cheap, simple and easy project. You can, really, Do It Yourself. Now go – get your drawers in order.


Three Ingredient Ice Cream

Hello, again!

I can’t believe we’re almost half-way through August. Thankfully there’s still more than half of August to immerse ourselves in!

Last month my husband and I had the pleasure of visiting Ontario (where he’s originally from) to reunite with his – Our – family. We had only informed three people with our itinerary, so when we arrived at the house and I yelled “SURPRISE!” everyone slowly turned their heads and looked at us. It took some time to process what and who just happened. Needless to say, they were in complete shock and so overjoyed (right, Momma G?). The main and real purpose of our visit was to be with our beautiful niece, who was turned one. It was a short but extremely sweet five days with our family and friends.

The highlight of our trip was putting baby in a stroller and going for a walk around the neighbourhood. Mind you, my parent-in-love’s beautiful home is located in the country. As in, their neighbours have vineyards as their “side” and “front” lawns. It’s a dream. We took sweet pictures and videos with and of baby which we look at almost daily. Yes we know, we’re obsessed. But if you saw her face, you’d understand.


Vancouver Eats: Ice Cold Treats

Happy Friday!

This past long weekend, my husband and I drove down to Washington and Oregon to enjoy some time together, and with family. We had a beautiful time filled with precious memories and tasty eats.

On our drive from Salem to Oregon Beach we stopped at the Tillamook Cheese Factory where we enjoyed copious amounts of cheese (including deep fried cheese curds) and Tillamook’s ice cream! We love cheese. And ice cream. In Portland we indulged in double scoop’s at Salt & Straw. And WOW do they ever do ice cream right. Maybe I’ll compile and share a “Portland Eats” list one day on this blog. 

My husband and I take ice cream pretty seriously. (This is where you laugh). I’m [really] thankful we have no food sensitivities, so nothing’s ever really avoided with us. Our friends laugh at the fact that we always have ice cream in our freezer. And it’s true. We always have at least three different ice cream flavours at the same time. Hey, I’m just trying to be accommodating.

I love summer, and what better way to celebrate summertime than with a sweet cold treat? Here’s my scoop on the best places for ice cream, frozen yogurt, frozen custard and gelato in the Metro Vancouver area.


Homemade Lemonade

This is my favourite day of the week! Happy Friday, everyone!

As some of you Vancouverites know, it’s been quite a hot summer. H. o. t.

A couple of months ago we had some of our good friends over at our house and they commented on how well my mint plant was doing. He suggested making mint juleps and that’s where this idea came from.

The city was experiencing a crazy heat wave a few weeks back. I don’t do too well in hot weather (just ask my husband) so, I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t losing it. So I went out and bought lemons, ripped a few mint leaves off my plant and made us some lemonade!

My husband loved the lemonade. After he downed his first glass he said, “this legit tastes like the lemonade you buy at a stand.” Mission accomplished.

I thought I’d share this sweet recipe with others, so you can share it with others! Or drink it all yourself, whatever. I’m not judging.

When I was creating this blog in my head and on paper, I knew I wanted to share recipes or DIY’s that were easy. Really easy. Ideas that inspire people to say, “Hey, that looks easy. I can totally do that!” So I hope you go and make a batch or two this weekend!

Lemonade 1 (more…)


Hello, world!

Today is my 25th birthday and I wanted to give the best present I could give to myself.

This blog!

Having a blog, has been on my heart for, oh…five or so years (yeah, oops).

All my life I have been blessed with a passion to create. Whether that be a cake, a present or an awesome party (and no, I’m not just saying that because it’s my birthday), I genuinely enjoy showing people beautiful things and bringing them happiness in doing so. In 2010, God gave me a new name; beautiful. I was given a new purpose to be an example of what beautiful means and to find the beauty in everything.


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