Fall Bucket List

Hello beautiful people!

It was back to school for much of the world this week – but not for me! Praise the Lord I am done with school… forever! I feel like Vancouver is slowly transitioning from Summer into Fall beautifully, as it always has. I love Fall. I adore Fall. I love the crisp weather, the need to be cozy and the feeling of fresh, new adventures. Fall has always been a time of special moments. I moved out of my parents house and lived on my own for the first time, I fell in love with Mark in the Fall, got engaged (late Fall) and began new ventures in the fall (school programs and I just got a promotion at work!). I always have high hopes for Fall and it never never seems to disappoint. It’s going to be a good Fall and it’s going to be the best one yet now that we have our Hobbes. This year is just flying by… did you know there is only 15 Fridays until Christmas? Say what!

Today I’m sharing my top 10 things I want to do this season. I feel like Vancouver is slowly transitioning from Summer into Fall beautifully, as it always has. I wore my first pair of booties for the first this week and it got me so excited for Fall. We also busted out our thick comforter. We love going to bed with the windows wide open, filling the room with cold brisk air and cuddling under the shetets. (Try it.) Another aspect of Fall I adore is the fashion – the scarves, boots, sweaters, hats, all of it. I just love dressing and being in the outdoors during this season. A Fall tradition I have been doing for a few years is saving my first PSL for the official first day of Fall. Actually, I do this with all of my seasonal drinks, primarily my caramel brûlée. LORD…

My 2016 Fall Bucket List

1. First Day of Fall  – first PSL
2. Outdoor Bonfire
3. Beach Day
4. Pumpkin Patch
5. Explore a new neighbourhood
6. Drive-In Movie Theatre
7. Craft night with Fall sangria
8. Decorate house with Fall decor
9. Outdoor Picnic
10. Finish Christmas Shopping (Yes. I started in February.)

What’s on your Fall bucket list this year?

Hope your weekend is as beautiful as you are!



Life starts all over again when it gets crisp in the fall.
― F. Scott Fitzgerald

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