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Cozy Fall Chili

Happy Fall!

Yesterday was the first official day of Fall and I celebrated by spending a beautiful day in Whistler with my best friend. The air was crisp (though, when is it not in Whistler), the sun was shining bright, trees had begun to transition into fall colours and it was hot. Yep, it was the first day of Fall and it was 20 C. Hah. It was so hot, I couldn’t enjoy a hot PSL so I’m saving that for a real Fall day in Vancouver. It was full of good talks, great food, biking and singing our current favourite songs. We did what we want, when we wanted. The day was easy, fun and perfect. I can’t wait to have more days like that! I am so looking forward to doing everything on my Fall bucket list this year!

This week I made chili which means it’s the season of indulging in amazing comfort food. I love comfort food. I love carbs and I love food that just warms my stomach. Anyone else? Without further-ado, here’s my chili recipe!

Cozy Fall Chili (more…)

Summer Sangria

If you haven’t noticed already, I like things a little sweet. Give me candy (I should specify, good candy) and I’ll love you forever.

In the past several weeks, I’ve been enjoying the company of wonderful friends in my cozy home. Sometimes we take to my couch, the kitchen bar or the patio. I just love the sound of a full room full of people I adore. I am one blessed woman. A few most of these hang outs have included a pitcher or two of sangria. I love making sangria. It’s fruity, sweet and well – it’s wine. Whenever I drink sangria I’m reminded of summer which makes me happy. I promise this easy summer sangria recipe takes no effort. Enjoy!

Strawberry Watermelon Sangria (more…)

Shrimp, Tomato and Spinach Pasta

Another recipe that’s a perfect meal to serve this summer season! This week I wanted to make a meal that involved shrimp. I love seafood! I used the google machine to find a quick and easy recipe that I could make with the ingredients I already had on hand, and this is what I got! I will definitely be making this easy and delicious recipe again this summer!

Hope you give it a try!ATB Shrimp Tomato and Spinach Pasta

Blueberry Coffee Cake

Now it’s official. Happy Summer!

I’m so excited for summer this year. OK, so I’m excited every year for Summer, but this year in particular because we have a new puppy to hang out with! More things to love: Delicious fresh fruit! Beach time! Long evenings on our patio! Sunshine! Picnics! Warmth! Road Trips! The list goes on and on… Also, July is my birthday month and now the anniversary of All Things Beautiful. Summer is my all-time favourite season. What’s your favourite season?

This week after a “summery” dinner I had a craving for something sweet to go along with my french vanilla ice cream. At first I thought, brownies! But since there is no shortage of fresh, sweet fruit, I thought I would incorporate fruit into a baked good. Any form of cake or brownies is the perfect solution with a dollop (or two) of ice cream, don’t you think? I often resort to a cake (or brownies) with ice cream when I’m in a pinch if we have spontaneous guests at our house. These recipes are easy, comforting and definitely hit the spot. Enjoy!

ATB Blueberry Coffee Cake

Banana Bread

Our little family of two (three?) is constantly on the go. I have a terrible habit of drinking a Nespresso for breakfast sans nutritional content. I’ve expressed our love for big, sit-down breakfast many times. This still remains true, but only happens when we are lucky enough to have a morning off together (or wake up early enough) We will make pancakes, crepes, waffles, lumberjacks, you get the picture. However, there are times we prepare breakfast the night before which make the following morning a breeze. Our fast breakfasts look like toast + a spread, delicious oatmeal, or breakfast muffins! Today I’m sharing my go-to banana bread recipe that I have loved for years. Hope you give it a try!

Banana Bread (more…)

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