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Hobbes’ Half Birthday

Oh how time flies! Today my little puppy is 6 months old! It feels like yesterday we did our road trip to the central states, where we picked him up. He was just 10 weeks old and I honestly can’t believe how fast it went. Today, naturally, will be a blog post dedicated to Sir Hobbes. Here are four things I’ve learned as first time puppy owner. Enjoy!


Our New Family Member…

This post was originally scheduled to publish two Fridays ago on day one of our road trip back to Vancouver. As we were leaving Kansas we got caught in a really bad snowstorm. The interstate was closed and we were directed to take an alternative route. This alternative route was a back-country road that took us two hours to drive 40km. It was a mix of rain, snow, fog, and ice on the ground…did I mention the road was not plowed? I had more to add to this post but due to the circumstances, there was really no acceptable time to blog. We were moving slowly and nervously in a blizzard in the middle of no-where and I wasn’t able to publish my weekly post on time. But I want to say, thank you for coming back and I hope you enjoy the back story and the introduction of our new family member!

In 2010 when I first met my future husband I quickly learned that a dream of his was to one day own a Corgi. It came up one day when we were chatting on MSN, when we would spend hours talking to one another. (Before we got the guts to TALK talk, yenno?) I had never heard of this breed before, so I googled “corgi.” My response went something along the lines of, “Oh…okay…” What funny looking animals, I thought. (more…)