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10 Ways to Decorate Your Home This Fall

Feels like Fall this Friday in Vancouver!

Gloomy overcast began this afternoon followed by raindrops (falling on my head) this evening. Today was the first day since last Friday’s post (which was all about Fall, that actually felt like Fall – ironic, right? I got all excited for Fall and Vancouver went, psych! As my husband said, “the weather calling for a rainy weekend.” Also, six more sleeps until my first PSL of the season. Stoked.

I posted my Fall Bucket List last Friday and have been planning all week the when and where of it all. Drive ins, pumpkin patches and ideas on how to transform our home into, well, autumn. We have been spending a lot of time inside, cuddling under a cozy blanket, drinking tea/ hot chocolate/ Nespresso and using a lot of ideas from this list I made last fall. It’s been a good Fall start. I was out and about this week getting inspired by my surroundings on ways to decorate our home for Fall. I have a more clear idea of the direction or style I want to go for this Fall but I wanted to gather together the 10 prettiest Fall decor to help inspire you Autumn-ize (not a word) your home. I’ve been pinning a lot lately and have found some great, cute ideas. (Don’t forget to follow me on Pinterest!) Hope you enjoy – hope you get inspired to be a bit crafty!

10 Ways to Decorate Your Home This Fall

Fall Wreath. I’ve mentioned before that I love the letter of my last name. I mean, Mrs.G? Come on. So you can only imagine I love the letter G and posting it everywhere. Send help.

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15 Ideas for Brown Kraft Gift Wrap

Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things

Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s been a busy few days of go-go-go before we take off on our trip. We’re looking forward to relaxing but I always find the pre-trip is always a little hectic! Coffee, chocolate and prayer will help us do all we need!

Thank you for all the love on my Christmas Gift Guide for Her and my Christmas Gift Guide for Him. With 13 days to go, I truly hope I’ve inspired some of your gift giving (or receiving) this year.

I love wrapping gifts. Even more, I love wrapping gifts with extra pretty packaging! Some would argue that it’s pointless – since it all gets ripped open anyways – but I think it adds a personal, unique touch. Today, I’m sharing the way I decorated a few of my presents this year and some other ideas that make a great statement. I always have a roll of brown kraft paper, which is perfect to have on hand for presents of any occasion.

There are thousands of tutorials on how to achieve pretty Christmas wrapping on the interwebs. So instead of repeating what’s been done – well and beautifully – by countless bloggers, here are 15 Ideas for Brown Kraft Gift Wrap.

ATB 15 Ideas for Brown Kraft Gift Wrap


DIY: Spice Jars

Happy November, everyone!

This week I spent one and a half days in bed – sick. As sucky, snotty and wheezy as it all was it was actually a very productive 40 hours. I crocheted, brainstormed and wrote for the blog, caught up on The Mindy Project, watched a movie and online Christmas shopped! I started shopping in July but now I’m aiming to be completely finished with all of my shopping and crafting before mid-November! I’m feeling a lot better today and know that it’ll most likely be gone by tomorrow but I hope that I didn’t get Mark too sick…what’s the saying? What’s mine is yours?

Today I’m sharing a super easy and quick DIY. My husband and I love using fresh spices when we cook. When we don’t have the time to run out to the grocery store we use dried spices to add some body to our dishes. I’ve been dreaming of the way my spices would be organized in my own kitchen for years (if only I was kidding). Every time I reached for spices and opened my cupboard I cringed at the mismatched bottles and tins (it’s like a sickness). Remember my DIY Drawer Organizer post? I left a space open in one of the drawers for this project. This drawer is located to the right of our stove which makes adding spices easier and quicker than carefully pulling out spices from the cupboard.

I’ve had my eye on some pretty stainless steel lid glass spice jars but resisted because I didn’t think spending $3 for a single jar was very sensible. So I found glass spice jars at the dollar store that came white plastic lids and thought of this to make them more attractive. Besides, in my perfect world everything would be white, accents of pink and gold polka dots (or gold accents) and I would always be dressed in black (80% true). Bonus is that a pack of 3 jars is only $1. Winning.

ATB DIY Spice Jars


15 Creative Date Night In Ideas

My husband and I would choose our comfy clothes and our couch over sitting in a movie theatre any day. Don’t get us wrong, we (maybe more me, ha) totally enjoy spoiling ourselves with a fancy dinner or tickets to a show every now and then. But Mark and I are true homebodies. We enjoy entertaining people in our home, game nights at home and just being home rather than having nights out. Besides, I much rather enjoy snuggling on the couch with my love versus sitting way too close to a complete stranger in a frigid movie theatre. Bonus for pausing movies for bathroom breaks and FREE refills and snacks.

Whether you’re staying in the comfort of your own home this fall/winter to save some money or you just don’t feel like braving the cold or (in our case) the rain, I’ve compiled a list of night-in ideas that Mark and I have embraced over the years. These are ideas that require joint efforts from the both of you, so you won’t see “Binge watch _______ show” on this list (although we are guilty and have indulged in that many times before). I hope you find yourself coming back to this list during the cozy nights with your sibling, BFF or your sweetheart. Enjoy!

ATB 15 Creative Date Night In Idas (more…)

DIY: Drawer Organizer

Once we moved into our home and started to “nest,” I was probably – no, definitely – way too excited to start organizing our things. I made a trip to the closest Home Sense with a plan to purchase two drawer organizers for our kitchen utensil drawers. I stood in front of the selection of organizers and was met with disappointment in the prices and the actual organizers. The compartments made me question, “ok, what do I own that could actually fit in this square?”

I bought one divider (to see if it would pass my test), brought the divider home, threw everything onto the counter that was in the drawer, placed the new divider in and – voil- NOPE. It didn’t gosh darn fill up my drawer! There was empty space at the top, the sides weren’t completely utilized and it was so bulky! So I walked back to Home Sense, returned my overpriced drawer organizer and came home empty handed. Thanks to the world wide web, I found a solution for my OCD/attention to detail personality.

My husband and I made a trip on a rainy day in the Fall to Home Depot, bought the materials needed and had beautiful, customized drawer organizers the next day. Cheap, easy and oh so organized. I love them!

I hope you try this cheap, simple and easy project. You can, really, Do It Yourself. Now go – get your drawers in order.