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Christmas Eggnog Latte

Greetings from Ontario!

We traveled – what felt like – all day Wednesday and arrived home early, early Thursday morning. We are so happy to be here, surrounded by family and in the pretty country side. It’s so beautiful here (even though we are missing the snow capped mountains of Vancouver) and it’s even more special because we have wonderful family and friends here to visit whenever we come home. I have truly left a piece of my heart here.

Today I’m sharing a quick, easy recipe that I’ve been obsessed with making this December in my Nespresso. Eggnog latte. I’ve had it almost everyday since I bought my first carton of eggnog. If you love eggnog and coffee, you will love this! And if you don’t, you should give this a try!

ATB Christmas Eggnog Latte (more…)

15 Ideas for Brown Kraft Gift Wrap

Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things

Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s been a busy few days of go-go-go before we take off on our trip. We’re looking forward to relaxing but I always find the pre-trip is always a little hectic! Coffee, chocolate and prayer will help us do all we need!

Thank you for all the love on my Christmas Gift Guide for Her and my Christmas Gift Guide for Him. With 13 days to go, I truly hope I’ve inspired some of your gift giving (or receiving) this year.

I love wrapping gifts. Even more, I love wrapping gifts with extra pretty packaging! Some would argue that it’s pointless – since it all gets ripped open anyways – but I think it adds a personal, unique touch. Today, I’m sharing the way I decorated a few of my presents this year and some other ideas that make a great statement. I always have a roll of brown kraft paper, which is perfect to have on hand for presents of any occasion.

There are thousands of tutorials on how to achieve pretty Christmas wrapping on the interwebs. So instead of repeating what’s been done – well and beautifully – by countless bloggers, here are 15 Ideas for Brown Kraft Gift Wrap.

ATB 15 Ideas for Brown Kraft Gift Wrap


Christmas Gift Guide for Her

It’s time for the most anticipated Christmas Gift Guide for Her! See my Christmas Gift Guide for Him here.

I’ve made a list of 15 awesome gifts to get for your special lady, friend or for yourself! I’m a big fan of useful gifts. Gifts that someone is able to use in their life that bring them great joy. For example: She’s on her way to work and uses that awesome tumbler you got her – she’ll think of you. On the couch on a winter’s night under a cozy blanket – you. Awesome ambiance from a candle – you. Smelling good – you.

Also, I have the wonderful privilege of working with a special company (whom I love) and will be doing a Christmas giveaway with! Read gifts 1 through 15 to find out!

ATB Christmas Gift Guide for Her


Christmas Gift Guide for Him

Christmas shopping can be stressful. It’s never fun drawing complete blanks on what to give to the favourite men in your life. Will this fit? Will he actually use it? Will he even like it? I really enjoy making my own creative, sentimental gifts, but I know that’s not everyone’s style. So to give you some guidance this year, I’ve curated a list of 15 gift ideas for your special guy to hopefully help bring you some sanity this year. I didn’t include stores or specific products for all these items, because I don’t know everyone’s budget and every item is different from person to person. Plus there are some wonderful bargain shoppers who will hunt until the price is right, like me! I’ve added specific details for a few of the items because they’ve been husband approved and I also really enjoy them!

ATB Christmas Gift Guide for Him