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Skincare: Favourite Cleansers

Welcome to my first beauty post! It’s only taken me, oh, a year to talk about one of my favourite topics. For some reason I’ve felt shy to talk beauty on ATB. I’m not an expert and I’ve always thought, why talk about beauty when there are professionals already doing this? Well, because it’s coming from me. They’re my recommendations, attached with my honest opinions, which might be valuable to someone out there! I’ve had a skin regime since about grade 6/7, which began from the influence of my mom who taught me to take very good care of my skin. Growing up I had troublesome skin that took a toll on my self confidence and self esteem. Over time I’ve incorporated higher quality products into my regime and, in turn, have fairly great skin today, with just a random breakout a few times a year (thank you Jesus). I’ve come a very long way from Oxy Pads *shudder* and today I’m sharing my favourite skincare cleansers and tools that I have used for years and which have helped my skin get to where it is today