7 on 26

It’s the 26th! Time for my monthly series – 7 on 26. A post on 7 things, people, places or events I am thankful for from the past month. Click here for last month’s. Hope you enjoy!

one | Fall. Over the years, I’ve had the most precious memories in the fall. My husband, Mark and I met just at the end of the Summer in 2010 – so as you can imagine, it was a whirlwind of a Fall in 2010. Our relationship started with him in Ontario and me in BC. We MSN’d everyday. Yes. MSN. Every Fall season I have had something big happen. Here’s a few standouts; the introduction of this gentleman in my life who would one day become my future husband. When I was 21 I moved out of my parents house. When I was 23 I started a new program that introduced me to truly genuine special friends and the field I am so oh so passionate about. And getting engaged in 2013 (ok maybe this belongs in Winter). Sometimes I wish I knew what the future holds. But at the same time – I love surprises. So whatever is coming my/ our way this Fall I say, bring it on! I’m excited and ready to embrace whatever may come our way.

7 on 26

A beautiful and early sight of this lovely season at Davison Orchards: Vernon, BC.

two | Our West Coast Family. I mentioned in a previous post that we spent our August long weekend in Oregon with our family who lives there. Labour Day long weekend we spent in the Okanagan with our Okanagan family! (Psst, check out what I did with them apples here). And just a few weeks later we saw two west coast families here! In Vancouver! They were en route to their destination and chose to visit us downtown for a short, but sweet time. My immediate family lives here, in Richmond, but Mark’s family is scattered all over North America (and beyond. As is mine.) We love sharing quality time with these people. We’re thankful to have such wonderful, supportive and loving family -literally- so close to us.

Learning Russian Ukranian traditions from Babushka and Aunt Lucy.

Learning Russian Ukranian traditions from                                Babushka and Aunt Lucy.

three | Finances. We arrived safe and sound in the Okanagan on a Saturday night and when we moved our car the next morning we found several suspicious oil spots on our Uncle’s clean, dirt free driveway. As in, right where our car was parked (we’re still so sorry Uncle G). We took our car into the local Walmart to ask if they could hoist our car so that we could possibly see the issue. A couple hours later (sidenote: I spent the whole time riding a cruiser up and down the aisles of Walmart. #yolo.) we found that there was indeed an issue. Our trip home was safe and our car was scheduled for a fix shortly after. The same day we got the figure of how much the repairs would cost, we received unexpected money out of the blue that helped the costs of this situation. This has happened time and time again in my life and in our life. I am thankful that our God provides and that he is so, so good. All. The. Time.

four | Baths. They are not only wonderful and mesmerizing but also help soothe my bad back! I was in a car accident in 2009 and since then have had chronic back pain (Boo!). When the weather gets cold, my back and neck tense up which make cold days really unpleasant. Back to baths – I have this weird ritual that the bathtub must be just cleaned. Or else I won’t take a bath in a dirty bathtub. Is that weird? You tell me. I got a new bath melt from one of my favourite stores (Lush) and enjoyed several baths this month. I’m most thankful for Mark, who asks me if I would like a bath. Then voluntarily washes the tub for me – without me asking – and then also preps the bath for me so I don’t have to do anything but enjoy. And he pours me a glass of wine on top of all of this. Spoiled. Blessed. What a man. (What a mighty good man).

five | Fresh Flowers. I love having fresh flowers in the house. I think they make such an impression and bring so much life into a home. My favourite bunch that we had in our home this month were dahlias that we picked up from the Granville Island farmers market. In case you’re wondering, light pink and white peonies and hydrangeas are my all time favourite flowers (which just so happened to be my wedding flowers!)

7 on 26

A pretty bunch from the Granville Island Farmers                                      Market.

six | New MacBook Air. My MacBook from 2010 has been slowly decaying this past year and a half and it’s been really painful to even load a word document. Mark gifted me this new toy and it’s so exciting to use for blogging, school, life, fun, etc. I am SO thankful for this total upgrade and that it’s only an extra 3 pounds to carry to the coffee shop!

7 on 26

My new sidekick.

seven | My readers. That’s YOU! Really, I mean it. I feel so honoured to have just a small piece of your time. That out of kabillion (nope, that’s not a word) websites, you have spent just a little bit of time reading or scrolling through mine. I also want to thank the people who bring up my blog with me in our conversations, because it means the world that you care to ask about it, or let me know how much you love it. This is a dream for me and I’m thankful for all of you who have made it come true.

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Trade your expectations for appreciation and the world changes instantly.

-Tony Robbins

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