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September has been a full month. In the entire month I only had three days off from work. Though it’s been full, it’s been fun, fulfilling and so sweet. Here’s seven highlights from this month. (Did you read August?)

one | FALL! I adore this season. See hereherehere and here. I adore the crisp air, the colours, the flavours, the fashion (honestly.) and the need to always be cozy. I’ve really been enjoying going on walks with my little family around the neighbourhood so far this season. Our Tuesday mornings have been most excellent: sleeping in, grabbing some coffee and going for a long walk – just the three of us. Vancouver’s been blessed with rain-less Fall days, it’s been wonderful. I highly suggest going for a nice long walk while it’s still dry!

two | PNW. I think it’s evident that this place is absolutely beautiful. We enjoyed a few trails in the city, West Van and just this past Thursday I was in Whistler for the day. From my neighbourhood to southwest Vancouver to Whistler, this place is constantly taking my breath away. It still takes my breath away. I enjoy spending time outdoors in the crisp fresh air and being in the midst of God’s perfect creation.

three | My New GIg. I’m blessed, I’m grateful and I’m honoured to have been the successful candidate. I just adore my team and I can’t wait to see my work in action. I just love going to work everyday feeling excited to go to work and to do what you truly love and am passionate about. It’s funny, a few weeks before I got the call, we were asked to pray about something we have been challenged/ worried about in our lives. I shared that it has been difficult to be patient in movement at work. Then, the day we landed in Ontario in August, after a long nap, I got the offer for a new job. God is good all the time.

four | Our New Church. We’re so stoked to be apart of our new church. We publicly launch next Sunday and it’s going to be awesome! We’re excited for the relationships that will be made, how we will impact our community and to witness God’s work.

five | Food. I have had some really amazing meals this month. Brunch favourites have included Crepe Montagne, Jam Cafe and Joe Fortes. Amazing dinners have been mostly Japanese. We have found our staple Poké place (we’ve been twice in two weeks) which is both a very good and a very bad thing. Take me to Hawaii.

six | Sweet scents. When I’m not burning candles – hello FALL candles – I’ve been really loving my Saje diffuser. I’m still exploring my preferred oils to diffuse but have been enjoying minty scents, citrus and floral scents. I do really enjoy smelling Yoga while doing Yoga. It’s a fantastic mix!

seven | Our “Kid-free” weekend. My parents babysat our fur baby for two nights this month and it was both sad and AWESOME. Now, you know that I love my Hobbes more than anything on this Earth, so I don’t mean it in that sense. I mean that it was so, so blissfully wonderful to just be alone with my love. And I’m sure Hobbes was more than happy to be spoiled by Grandma and Grandpa. On Sunday morning we slept in, had brunch on the Joe Fortes’ patio, ate macarons and went for a long walk around Coal Harbour’s Seawall with an iced coffee in hand. It was perfect and it was so beautiful to just be “us” again. It was a sweet reminder of what life was like before Hobbes and that we’re still very, very much in love. (Not that we needed any reminders). We love one another and love that Hobbes enriches our lives daily.

My husband is such a dream.

Happy Monday, y’all. It’s going to be a good week.



When The Roots Are Deep There Is No Reason To Fear The Wind.

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