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Apologies for the week delay – we had some issues behind the scenes, but now they are resolved. I had this post ready last Friday when we were in Niagara. Enjoy!


So long sweet Summer.

What a great month it’s been! Last month I turned 26 and ATB turned one! It’s been a month of reflecting and counting my blessings. This month I was showered in love by people in my life and I’m so happy. Here are my top 7 from this month.
one | Friends. I can confidently say that I am so blessed. I have the best friends. We’ve hosted many get togethers both big and small and I’ve loved every one. Note: I’ve also loved all the patio happy hours/ meals and coffee walk dates. I’m grateful for each and every one of my friends… And if you’re one of them reading this post, know that I love you and I’m grateful for your blessing in my life. 
two | Our (New) Church. We’re absolutely stoked to be a part of our new church. It’s a start up but with the relationships that have been already formed, it doesn’t feel like a start up. We are just so excited for this next chapter in our lives and what God is going to show us.

three | Hobbes. Everyday I (we) fall more and more in love with our little puppy. I am no longer ashamed to say he is our fur child and he is as much a part of our family as if we were to have a child. A relationship with a dog – or with any animal is truly special and I’m recognizing and treasuring this every moment we have together. It’s only been a short -yet long- four months together. I can’t wait for all the future memories we’ll have together as a family.



four | Yoga. I’ve been doing yoga several times a week at Yyoga and I love it. I love the convenience of the studios and the flexible class schedules. And of course, the exercise! I’ve especially loving hot yoga, even during these hot summer days. Feels so good to sweat everything out!
five | Summer Getaways. Since our road trip in April to the central States and our third honeymoon in the Dominican (with side trips to Montreal and Niagara) it felt like summer started early for us this year. Which is a good things because it only really felt like summer about 3 weeks ago when Vancouver started having natural summer weather. Our little family of three went alway to the Sunshine Coast for August long weekend and I haven’t stopped thinking about it. It was that good. Oh how I just adore seeing this beautiful world!
six | My Second Home… Niagara! We’re back in Niagara once again! This is our third time in Niagara this year. Christmas break in December and January, a layover turned overnight stay and full day at home in May in Niagara and now, the end of Summer. Hobbes is even here with us! I’ve mentioned numerous times how much I adore this place. The memories… the place… the people… A part of me is planted here. Ever since my first visit in August 2010 it’s been a place that has struck my heart with such beauty. Throughout the years of life, dating, engagement, marriage it’s absolutely home to me. Also, I met Mark here exactly six years ago. How six years flew by! It feels so special to be back in the place where we began.
seven | New Life. It’s been a season of pregnant friends. It’s funny. Mark’s best friend, Justin (who is a major supporter of ATB, might I add) and his wife asked to Skype with us back in March. They recently had other news so we thought they wanted to talk about that. A picture text later with an ultrasound and a few sequels and gasps (mostly from my end) as they announced their pregnancy to us and asked if we would be auntie and uncle to their first born. Mark and Justin have been best friends since they were 4. While we were long distance, Mark flew me out to Niagara. We met in the Calgary airport and made a total romantic airport scene that was majorly epic. (A jump-hug-twirl-kiss scene). Mark stood in their wedding and Justin stood in ours. They were major supporters of our wedding (stayed up crazy late and spent hours helping me make every detail perfect (I’ll talk about this another day) and even came out to BC after we had our wedding. Every trip home we spend countless hours with them – just to paint a little picture of our sweet relationship. Months after I said to Mark, “Hey, we should try to be in Niagara for when they have their baby.” Well, it happened and we are so happy to celebrate with our very dear friends, the birth of their first baby. Awesome news: healthy baby was born on the 26th of the month! Just like his Dad and his awesome aunt. So excited to do life with this new baby.
Congratulations my friends. Us three loves your three, so much.
You can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore.

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