15 Ideas for Brown Kraft Gift Wrap

Brown paper packages tied up with strings
These are a few of my favourite things

Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s been a busy few days of go-go-go before we take off on our trip. We’re looking forward to relaxing but I always find the pre-trip is always a little hectic! Coffee, chocolate and prayer will help us do all we need!

Thank you for all the love on my Christmas Gift Guide for Her and my Christmas Gift Guide for Him. With 13 days to go, I truly hope I’ve inspired some of your gift giving (or receiving) this year.

I love wrapping gifts. Even more, I love wrapping gifts with extra pretty packaging! Some would argue that it’s pointless – since it all gets ripped open anyways – but I think it adds a personal, unique touch. Today, I’m sharing the way I decorated a few of my presents this year and some other ideas that make a great statement. I always have a roll of brown kraft paper, which is perfect to have on hand for presents of any occasion.

There are thousands of tutorials on how to achieve pretty Christmas wrapping on the interwebs. So instead of repeating what’s been done – well and beautifully – by countless bloggers, here are 15 Ideas for Brown Kraft Gift Wrap.

ATB 15 Ideas for Brown Kraft Gift Wrap

1. Polka dots. This is my all time favourite way to decorate brown paper. You can use a number of different methods, such as paint or marker! I also decorated a few with different coloured spots! Think Christmas colours.

2. Washi tape. I’ve mentioned washi tape before here. It comes in different widths, sizes, colours and patterns! If you’re looking for a reeeaaally easy quick way to update your presents – this is a great go-to (see mine above). You could even use sparkly washi tape!

3. Deer Print. Great for the outdoorsy! If you’re crafty, you’ll enjoy making your own stamp! If not – check the stamp aisle in Michaels 😉

4. Typographic. A great way to wrap those gifts for your literature-saavvy friends.

5. String. This type of string is called bakers twine. I fell in love with this string a couple years ago and my collection is still growing. This year I wrapped mine in red and white, but black and white also make a pretty combination!

6. Velvet bow. Luxurious and fancy. I love this look! (Pair it with a cute tag!)

7. Mini Wreaths. If you don’t want to use fresh or make your own, check Michaels or the dollar store!

8. Feathers. This would be a great project to work on with friends! Go for gold or bold colours!

9. Yarn. If you’re into crocheting like me – or knitting – this is a great way to use up your scraps!

10. Pinecones and Greenery. Use either fresh or fake, sparkles or no sparkles – a very pretty, wintery look.

11. Doileys. As girly as it gets!

12. Plaid Ribbon or plaid fabric. I’m in love with this packaging! Add bells for a sweet touch.

13. Christmas song lyrics, a sweet poem, or whatever you wish! White or gold paint pens look great on this paper.

14. Monogram. You can find letters at dollar stores or any craft store. Paint them in cool colours and pair them with pretty bows!

15. Photo. Or postcard! Make it even more special with an old photo of you and the person to whom you’re giving the present.

And if you don’t enjoy wrapping? Get together with your friends, drink eggnog and listen to Christmas music while you support one another as you wrap your gifts this year!

I’m so excited for this Christmas. I wish everyone good luck wrapping – and shopping!



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The things you take for granted someone else is praying for.

2 Comments on 15 Ideas for Brown Kraft Gift Wrap

  1. Sarah Trallero says:

    I agree that wrapping presents is exciting and not at all pointless. I appreciate a well-wrapped gift.

  2. Laura Tolhoek says:

    I tried my best this year knowing you amped it up. I love the brown paper, but unfortunately for the past 3 christmas’ bought a costco double-sided roll and will likely be trying to rid myself of them for the next 12 years.

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