15 Creative Date Night In Ideas

My husband and I would choose our comfy clothes and our couch over sitting in a movie theatre any day. Don’t get us wrong, we (maybe more me, ha) totally enjoy spoiling ourselves with a fancy dinner or tickets to a show every now and then. But Mark and I are true homebodies. We enjoy entertaining people in our home, game nights at home and just being home rather than having nights out. Besides, I much rather enjoy snuggling on the couch with my love versus sitting way too close to a complete stranger in a frigid movie theatre. Bonus for pausing movies for bathroom breaks and FREE refills and snacks.

Whether you’re staying in the comfort of your own home this fall/winter to save some money or you just don’t feel like braving the cold or (in our case) the rain, I’ve compiled a list of night-in ideas that Mark and I have embraced over the years. These are ideas that require joint efforts from the both of you, so you won’t see “Binge watch _______ show” on this list (although we are guilty and have indulged in that many times before). I hope you find yourself coming back to this list during the cozy nights with your sibling, BFF or your sweetheart. Enjoy!

ATB 15 Creative Date Night In Idas

1. Play Board Games. It’s always fun being competitive with your favourite person. Our favourite games include: Jenga, Scattergories, Dutch Blitz, Blokus and Catchphrase. Have no mercy!

2. Write a Letter or letters to one another that you plan to open in 5, 10 or 20 years. Share how you feel while you write to your future partner, ask if your dreams came true or write your favourite memory you’ve experienced with that person.

3. Tackle a Difficult Recipe together that neither of you have ever made before. Croissants, gnocchi, poutine, chicken noodle soup, whatever. That way you can laugh together when you can’t figure out how to roll out the dough.

4. Make a Fort. Yes. A fort. String, pillows, all the blankets you own…go all out!

5. Have a picnic and order pizza (or make it yourselves) in your living room. Don’t forget the checkered picnic blanket.

6. Paint a picture. Rather, paint the same picture. It’s amazing how different we interpret art and how different the outcome is from person to person!

7. Film a Music Video. MC Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This”, “Stop” by Spice Girls, “Fight For Your Right” by the Beastie Boys, T-Swift’s “22”, RUN-DMC, or anything by Salt-N-Pepa. I’m a 90’s child. Or lip sync and dance along to “Your Song.” Don’t forget to go all out with makeup, hair and outfits! Let loose and do your best to bust a move, you’ll laugh harder later.

8. Work on a Puzzle. Everything turns into a contest in our household. Whoever finishes their side first wins. Here’s an idea – pick a 1000 piece puzzle of a picture that the both of you actually enjoy, that way you can frame it afterwards!

9. Make a Bucket List. Mark and I did this years ago when we were still dating. And though it’s not framed in our house, whenever one of us stumbles across it, re-reading the list makes us happy. It’s always so special to cross things off our bucket list as the years have passed by.

10. Plan a Dream Vacation. If you’ve been bitten by the travel bug like me and are constantly dreaming of your next escapade – do this together! Even if you won’t actually take this trip – dream together. Check out places on Air B & B, the hotels you would adore to stay in on Trip Advisor and “pretend” to book flights from your home airport. Who knows, maybe one day you’ll turn your travel dreams into your travel reality.

11. Cook Dinner Together and Eat By Candlelight. What’s more romantic than busting out the candlesticks and sharing a meal with your favourite? Just think Lady and the Tramp.

12. Learn Phrases of a Foreign Language. Learn how to say “I love you” or “I’m hungry, let’s eat” in a different language. Not only will you be impressing others, but you’ll also be communicating on a totally different level (there’s a relationship joke in there somewhere).

13. Draw One Another. This is a lot of fun and you don’t have to be an artist to participate in this process. Sit across from one another and take turns drawing each other’s beautiful faces! Two catches: never look down at your paper (seriously, no cheating!) and don’t take your hand off the paper. Not even for the eyes or the lips. Draw one continuous line from start to finish. And there you go. New art work to put on your fridge.

14. Create a Signature Cocktail. Play with flavours and spirits until you decide on a combination that “defines” the two of you. This could also be an idea for your future wedding – if you so should wed – to serve at the bar!

15. Look at Old Photos. Browse through pictures you have taken together over the course of your relationship and write down in a journal what happened that day, how you felt or the thoughts you had about the other person that you may not have shared just yet. Then you can print HARDCOPIES of those photos and make a little scrapbook. We love doing this! Looking at our first pictures together we seriously look like babies. One day I’ll share them. One day.

I also want to say to all you Canadians, Happy Thanksgiving! I hope your weekends are full of family, friendship and beautiful moments. I know mine will be. And that you all recover from your turkey comas quickly.

PS: 5 Genuine Ways to Say Thank You.



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  1. Steven Barks says:

    Ha. Number 11.
    “Just think Lady and the Tramp.”
    Ok. Deal. 🙂

  2. JMo says:

    I love 14 & 15… 14 the most though lol

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